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Workplace safety is a critical topic that shouldn’t be wished away. Some business owners and employees may allege that they don’t have control over what safety measures to implement at their workplaces. However, the businesses end up suffering in the form of compensation when worker’s compensation claims are brought.

Over 2 million employee injuries are reported yearly in the U.S., with a considerable number ending up as fatalities. With the proper steps, these injuries can be reduced and increase the overall safety of work areas. Our San Francisco employment attorneys can fight for you if you have already sustained a workplace injury in California.

What Are the Common Safety Precautions for Construction Risks?

Every workplace can potentially be a health and safety hazard if these risks aren’t pointed out and addressed. These could be things like moving bulky items around, slippery floors, or working with heights. The first step to eliminating these safety risks is to identify them. If the managers are unable to do it, they can call in professionals who will do it for them.

OSHA and other occupational safety stakeholders often play a crucial role in providing safer working environments. Apart from eliminating work safety risks, they also offer valuable safety information to the public.

What Can Employees Do to Reduce Safety Risks at Work in California?

Other than the responsibility bestowed upon employers to provide safe workspaces, the employee also has the burden of following safety protocols and doing everything necessary to avoid getting injured at work.
Some of the safety measures employees can take are listed below.

Safety Gear

Safety gear is a critical injury prevention strategy. The basic safety gear for most includes eye protection, hearing protection, hard hats, steel-toed boots, harnesses, gloves, and masks. Because these accidents can happen at any time, it is vital to wear safety gear always.

Fall and Scaffolding Protection

Falling debris and scaffolding which support a working crew can be hazardous. Because of how frequently these scaffolds are used, you need to protect yourself. Workers must also consider weight limits when using these structures to transport materials. All workers should adhere fall protection protocols to improve safety precautions.

Fire Hazard Prevention

You can prevent unnecessary fire risks by putting flammable materials far away from ignition sources. You should store them in special containers. Whenever you’re using any electrical equipment, make sure it is an area free from combustible material.

Reporting Hazards

It is also your responsibility to report anything that can cause harm. You can do it with your supervisor or manager or foreman. If the employer or supervisor fails to do what they are required to do, you can take a further step and report the unsafe working conditions to authorities. If someone ends up injured, they should immediately contact a San Francisco personal injury lawyer experienced in workplace injuries.

Taking Breaks

Injuries are more likely to happen among employees who insist on working during regular breaks and lunch breaks to beat a deadline or earn overtime. Such a working tactic often causes fatigue and increases the risk of an injury.

What Employer Safety Tips Can Reduce Workplace Safety Risks?

Employers who take the initiative to keep their workers safe often reduce losses. Here are a few employer tips to reduce safety risks and increase health and safety at work:

Proper Equipment Maintenance

Workspaces like construction sites employ a lot of equipment. Regular and proper equipment maintenance can reduce the risk of accidents involving equipment use.

Health and Safety Plan

Businesses can handle emergencies and ensure employee safety if they already have a plan in place. In some cases, some people may never join a company without a comprehensive health and safety plan. You need to identify the potential hazards and create a plan on how to address them in a detailed form. Professionals like workers’ compensation attorneys in California can help employers develop such plans.

Safety Meetings

These meetings will act as safety education to keep these standards at the top of the brain of employees. Schedule routine safety meetings to ensure new and old employees are aware of all potential dangers and strategies that must be implemented. These meetings can also act as great avenues of training them on how to use machinery, equipment, and tools safely.

Warning Signs

Sufficient signage should be provided, warning the employees of any potential risks. The company should also list in a manual what materials are used in the workplace and emergency procedures if an accident occurs.

Worksite Inspections

These worksites inspections should be done daily to identify any potential hazards and address them immediately.

What Should You Do If Injured at Work?

In the event of a work-related accident, illness or injury, the victim should report it immediately. Any unreported minor injury may no longer be minor in the future. Reporting it ensures you don’t face trouble when you decide to file a claim for workers’ compensation.

Workers’ compensation should be able to handle the medical costs and losses due to the accident. But the employer’s insurance company may sometimes resist releasing part or all of the amount owed. Such an employee should involve a San Francisco personal injury lawyer for help. This attorney will ensure that the victims’ rights are protected and that the injured worker gets adequate benefits in good time.

Legal Professionals Protecting the Best Interests of Workers in California

Many employees contribute a lot to making workplaces safe from risks. However, their employers also need to ensure that safety standards are upgraded regularly. Until then, however, these workplaces – especially construction sites, are filled with dangerous hazards. If injured at your job, take a step, report it to your employer, and then talk to a personal injury attorney in San Francisco.

Our law firm represents California employees injured at their jobs. It may be difficult for you to navigate the complexities of a personal injury claim. That’s’ why we guide you and ensure your interests are protected. Get in touch today to get started.

Geonetta & Frucht, LLP
By: Geonetta & Frucht, LLP