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I don’t think I could ever express the extent of my gratitude to Fred and Ken for the service, expertise, loyalty, and dedication they demonstrated over a very difficult, demanding and long four year legal battle.
I was the CEO of a small company that was a service provider to one of the world’s largest corporations that violated our relationship. Opposing not only one of the largest deep pocket corporations, but one of the largest and most expensive law firms in the country, Fred and Ken continually “one upped” them at every stage. In dealing with probably 80,000 documents, 30-40 depositions, countless hearings and motions, mountains of paper, several arbitrations, Fred and Ken stood toe to toe against, at one point, a dozen lawyers and all their assistants.
While the defendant’s objective was to wear us down to where we, and our attorney, could no longer afford to litigate the case, Fred and Ken never relented, never held back any effort. Just prior to trial, when the defendant proposed a settlement, knowing even if we were successful at trial the other side would extend the litigation several more years with motions and appeals, they never pushed for an acceptance, where through the settlement they would be paid for over four very difficult years of litigation work. We were successful; we did settle because of Fred and Ken’s negotiations.
During my career which involved daily dealings with lawyers with the largest law firms throughout the country, I have seen the best and worst in dealing with an attorney. Of every one of them, I know of no other than Fred and Ken that I would more place my trust, my family, or my future in. They are the exception to the rule. They are the best, I promise you.
I would be pleased to speak with anyone that wants further information or verification.

by Morgan C.
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As an attorney myself, I understand the difficulties of managing a case well. So when I needed legal representation in my own civil litigation, I had high demands and expectations for my attorneys to present my case persuasively before the court and to have close attorney-client contact. Not only were all my expectations met by Fred and Ken, but they exceeded them. I was impressed by their team effort to strategize my case so carefully and then with their meticulous follow-up required to ultimately prevail in my difficult case. Their research and understanding of the law were key to my successful outcome. Watching them work on my case helped me improve my skills as an attorney and made me proud to be able to call them my colleagues. I would give them both an A+ rating.

by Sabine W.