Oakland Insurance Lawyer

Oakland Insurance LawyerInsurance coverage and benefits are supposed to be there for us. With so many fires, earthquakes, and storms so frequently hitting Oakland and the surrounding communities, we depend on our insurance policies to compensate us for our losses. But in too many cases, an insurance company will deny legitimate insurance claims, pay only part of what a claim is worth, or stall for months or more. For most victims, these tactics only cause you more financial difficulties. If you’ve been or if you are currently the target of bad faith on the part of an insurance company, speak right away with an experienced Oakland insurance lawyer at the law firm of Geonetta & Frucht. With more than five combined decades of insurance law experience, our Oakland insurance attorneys fight for justice on behalf of Alameda County insurance bad faith victims in Oakland and throughout California. Our employment lawyers work with individuals who need legal advice regarding homeowners, auto, or business insurance disputes.


Insurance bad faith includes an insurance company’s refusal to make payments on legitimate disability, property damage, and business insurance claims. Insurance bad faith also includes the failure to defend policyholders against liability lawsuits (failure to indemnify) and general negligence on the part of an insurance broker or agent. An insurance policy is a legal contract between the insurers and the paying individual. Insurance bad faith happens – and contracts are breached in violation of insurance law – when bad insurance companies refuse to meet their contractual responsibilities. When insurance companies operate in bad faith, and you take legal action with help from an experienced Oakland insurance lawyer, the court sometimes orders an insurance company to pay added punitive damages beyond the initial amount of your claim. If you are having issues receiving the money owed to you by your insurance company, seek representation from a member of our team. Connect with our Bay Area law firm today to to discuss legal solutions.


Speak promptly to an experienced Oakland bad faith insurance lawyer at Geonetta & Frucht to learn more about your legal rights and options as the target of an insurance company’s bad faith. Bringing a lawsuit against the insurance company is only one of your options. Please contact Geonetta & Frucht now via the online form on this site or call our office as quickly as possible at (510) 254-3777 for an appointment with an experienced Oakland insurance lawyer. Our employment lawyers currently represent clients in Oakland and San Francisco. Your initial consultation with Geonetta & Frucht is free.