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California employers have abundant freedom regarding which employees they may hire and fire, but no employee in this state may be fired for a reason that’s illegal. If your company has terminated you due to your ethnicity, race religion, or disability, that’s illegal discrimination prohibited by state or federal laws. If you get fired because your employer is retaliating against you, that’s wrongful termination, and it’s also illegal.

If you’ve been fired as an act of retaliation, call the firm of Geonetta & Frucht promptly. With over fifty combined years of legal experience, our employment attorneys represent victims of retaliation across northern California and around the San Francisco Bay.


Workplace retaliation may be a reaction to:

– whistleblowing (a whistleblower discloses an employer’s illegal or unethical actions or practices)
– reporting a crime (or speaking to law enforcement about an employer’s criminal activity)
– filing a discrimination or harassment lawsuit

Workers are protected from retaliation, so if you have been a victim, it’s important to take action. Regardless of the motive, if you’ve been terminated as retaliation, get legal assistance right away. There’s a good chance that you could be entitled to compensation due to retaliation. Contact the reputable San Francisco retaliation attorneys at Geonetta & Frucht for legal advice.


In addition to other areas, we also advocate for victims of wage and hour disputes, pregnancy discrimination, disability discrimination, age discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, sexual harassment, racial discrimination, and other forms of employment discrimination.

Our retaliation attorneys will try to obtain a settlement for you out-of-court if you’re a target of retaliation now or in the future. If we find that negotiating an agreement isn’t feasible, we will aggressively advocate on your behalf before a jury, and our trial record speaks volumes about our success. While there is never a guarantee for a case, our team knows how to assess your situation, provide the counsel and representation you need, and win the victory you deserve.

Contact Geonetta & Frucht promptly to learn more about your options and legal rights after a retaliatory firing. To discuss your wrongful termination case with an employer retaliation attorney, Call our office at 415-433-4589 or contact us online to set up an appointment. Your initial consultation will be free of charge.