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San Francisco employment lawyerEmployees are entitled to certain rights in the workplace regarding the hours they work, how they are treated, and when they are allowed to take medical leave. If you have been mistreated by your employer, you need an experienced San Francisco employment lawyer to protect your rights and to help you get the maximum compensation for your losses. Whether you have been a victim of discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination, or if your employer has failed to pay you for overtime or any other work, you need a San Francisco employment lawyer who understands the laws and the legal process and has experience with the big law firms – an attorney who has protected the rights of others in similar circumstances. If you’re involved – or if you anticipate being involved – in any legal dispute with an employer regarding your rights, call an experienced San Francisco employment attorney at the firm of Geonetta & Frucht as quickly as possible.


Workers must receive fair treatment in the workplace. Federal and California law protects you from employment discrimination based on race, color, nationality, gender, religion, age, disability, or pregnancy. Discrimination laws are exceptions to the “at will” employment typical in California. An employee may be fired from their job “at will” and has no legal right to further employment, but no employee may be terminated on the basis of discrimination or retaliation. Protecting your rights when they are threatened by your employer is something no one should ever have to do. Unfortunately, bad employers still violate people’s rights and threaten their jobs.

Remember, retaliation against an individual who has reported discrimination is illegal, so you should never fear taking action against your employer. For legal advice regarding your employment law matters, contact one of the experienced attorneys at Geonetta & Frucht.


At the law offices of Geonetta & Frucht, we bring fifty combined years of experience to clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and northern California who have employment law claims including discrimination, sexual harassment, and wage and hour claims. Our San Francisco employment lawyers offer the experience and resources you typically find at a large firm with the personal service and attention you expect from a small law practice. We take the time to listen carefully to your concerns and to know your needs so that we can tailor our representation to get the results you seek. Please contact Geonetta & Frucht at once to learn about your legal rights and options in any dispute with an employer. To discuss your case with an experienced San Francisco employment attorney, contact our law office by filling out the form on this site or calling our office in San Francisco today at 415-433-4589 for an appointment. Your initial consultation to discuss your employer’s violations with a member of our team is free.