San Francisco Wrongful Arrest Attorney

San Francisco Wrongful Arrest AttorneyPolice officers are supposed to serve and protect the public, but sometimes, they commit wrongful arrests that violate your civil rights. If you are facing criminal charges because of illegal police tactics or procedures, contact our San Francisco wrongful termination attorneys. With more than fifty combined years of civil rights, the San Francisco wrongful arrest attorneys at Geonetta & Frucht represent the victims of wrongful arrest in the San Francisco Bay Area and throughout northern California. Unfortunately, some police officers – and departments – still think that bending the rules is acceptable if a bad guy is taken off the streets. The San Francisco wrongful arrest attorneys at Geonetta & Frucht think that every corrupt police officer should also be taken off the streets, and we work hard to hold every corrupt law enforcement officer, deputy, and police department responsible for their own illegal acts. If you are illegally stopped, searched, detained, or arrested in northern California, get the legal help you’re going to need and call Geonetta & Frucht immediately.


The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution safeguards you, your home, and your vehicles at all times from “unreasonable searches and seizures” including frisking, handcuffing, or being detained for no reason other than an officer’s hunch. The police cannot bully you or arrest you and come up with evidence and a reason for your arrest later. They cannot profile people racially. They cannot conduct a strip search without substantial probable cause. However, if you’re being illegally detained, it’s probably not wise to raise verbal objections at that time; you might be charged falsely with resisting arrest. Instead, wait until an experienced San Francisco wrongful arrest attorney with decades of legal experience can do the speaking on your behalf. And make the call to the wrongful arrest lawyers at Geonetta & Frucht as quickly as possible. You and your family have suffered enough as a result of the police officer’s actions–now, it’s time to learn about the legal process of filing a lawsuit against the appropriate person or local government agency.


Historically in California, more than a few rogue police officers have been brought to justice for egregious misconduct including false arrests, strip searches, coerced confessions, and even the planting of evidence. If you are falsely arrested or the victim of some other police misconduct, contact Geonetta & Frucht at once to learn about your legal rights and options. To discuss your case with an experienced San Francisco wrongful arrest attorney, please contact us now by filling out the form on this site or calling our office in San Francisco today at 415-433-4589 for an appointment. Your initial consultation with a wrongful termination lawyer is free.