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Wrongful termination is illegal in every state. You cannot be fired for an illegal reason. In California, the law provides employees with additional legal protections against discrimination and wrongful termination. If you have been wrongfully terminated from your workplace, in some cases you can be reinstated, and you may also be awarded financial damages.

If you’ve been illegally fired from your job anywhere in northern California, contact the experienced San Francisco wrongful termination attorneys at the firm of Geonetta & Frucht as quickly as possible. Our employment law attorneys are prepared to fight for you to help you receive compensation.


Our San Francisco wrongful termination attorneys know the worry and concern that wrongful termination violations can cause. If you have been fired illegally, your rights have been violated. If you can’t quickly find other work, you may end up unable to meet your responsibilities through no fault of your own. When Geonetta & Frucht handle your case, we first try to negotiate an out-of-court settlement. If a negotiated agreement is impossible, we will fight aggressively for you at trial.


In California, employer-employee relationships are usually “at-will” agreements. In other words, an employer (or employee) may end the relationship with or without cause or notice unless a contract says otherwise. Nevertheless, an employer can only fire you for a reason that’s legal, otherwise you would be wrongfully terminated.

You may not be fired because of your race, sex, family or marital status, nationality, disability, religion, orientation, or condition of pregnancy. If you were fired for one of these reasons, speak to a wrongful termination lawyer right away.

An individual cannot be fired because you ask for a disability accommodation, overtime, rest breaks, or lunch breaks. You also may not be fired for:

– Taking a family, pregnancy, or medical leave
– Opposing an employer’s or coworker’s illegal activity
– Your political affiliation, taking time to vote, or jury duty
– Your refusal to enter a dangerous work site or sign a non-compete agreement


Our lawyers represent workers in cases involving sexual harassment, age discrimination, disability discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, retaliation claims, whistleblower protection, and other unfair employment practices. With more than fifty years of combined experience in employment law, we can protect and lead you through a wrongful termination claim. We work hard to help you get justice.

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