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San Francisco, CA, hosts a wealth of colleges and universities. You’ll find multiple public and private secondary education centers within the city. Here are a few of the colleges and universities in the area.

City College of San Francisco

Referred to as City College or CCSF, this public community college is based in San Francisco. Their motto is “The Truth Shall Make You Free.” CCSF is a two year school and is the only San Francisco community college. It has more than 100 occupational disciplines and over 50 academic programs. Students can earn an associate degree in a variety of courses. These credits can be transferred to meet the requirements of a four-year school. The Student Activities Office provides students with over 80 clubs and organizations.

San Francisco State University

A public university located in San Francisco, this school is often called SF State, San Francisco State, or SFSU. It’s a public research university and part of the California State University system. SFSU offers an impressive selection of 118 Bachelor’s degrees, 94 Master’s, and 5 Doctoral degrees for its students. The school offers plenty of sports and activities. The intercollegiate athletics teams are nicknamed the Gators and include, but are not limited to, basketball, wrestling, cross country, volleyball, and track.

University of California, San Francisco

Often mixed up with the San Francisco State University or the University of San Francisco, this university is its own public research university. Often called the UCSF, this school is part of the University of California system. The school focuses solely on health sciences. It’s a major center of biological and medical research and is considered one of the top universities in the biomedical field. It was recently named one of the top two physician training institutions in the US. Students will find nearly 200 registered organizations on campus to participate in outside of their studies. The student newspaper is called Synapse and it can be read digitally and in print.

DeVry University

DeVry University is a for-profit, public school located in San Francisco. This Higher Learning Commission accredited school is a division of DeVry Education Group. It was founded in 1931. DeVry interestingly partnered with the Olympics in 2011 to be named the official education provider of the US Olympic teams. The school has multiple locations, continued enrollment, and Olympic athletes enrolled in their programs despite criticism following alleged deceptive advertising and recruiting practices.

San Francisco Law School

San Francisco Law School is another private school in San Francisco, but unlike DeVry, it’s a non-profit school. The parent school of San Francisco Law School is Alliant International University. This law school provides its students with a three-year full-time program or a four-year part-time program that result in a Juris Doctor degree. San Francisco Law School is proud of their many alumni that were some of the first women to be appointed to the bench in the State of California. As of July 2012, the California Bar rate of passage for first-time test takers at San Francisco Law school was an impressive 67%.

Geonetta & Frucht, LLP
By: Geonetta & Frucht, LLP