When a California employer violates your employment rights, let an experienced Oakland employment lawyer fight on your behalf and help you obtain the maximum possible compensation.

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Precise, well-drafted contracts are the best legal protection against business-related legal actions. Still, if a legal dispute arises regarding your business, you’ll need the services of an experienced business attorney.

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Intellectual property is often the most important property a business owns. You’ll want to work with an experienced intellectual property attorney who knows the system, and has worked with businesses similar to yours.

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The Oakland personal injury attorneys at Geonetta & Frucht, with more than half-a-century of combined legal experience, remain fully committed to bringing every client’s personal injury case to its best possible resolution.

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  • Employees in Alameda County can turn to the award-winning team of lawyers at Geonetta & Frucht, LLP.
  • The attorneys with our top law firm have a combined 50 years of experience offering aggressive representation for workers in Oakland.
  • As one of the best employment law firms in California, we have an extensive collection of positive reviews from previous clients.
  • Trust your case to an honest and experienced employment lawyer.

The employment, business, and personal injury attorneys at Geonetta & Frucht, LLP, bring more than half-a-century of combined legal experience to every case that we handle and to every client we represent in matters that include:


If a California employer violates your employment rights, take the case to an experienced Oakland employment attorney who can advocate on your behalf. In many employment rights cases, plaintiffs can receive financial compensation. We focus on a variety of employment matters including discrimination, harassment, whistleblowing, retaliation, and wrongful termination. If you are the victim of any illegal practices by an employer, speak right away with an experienced Oakland employment attorney at Geonetta & Frucht. If an employer breaks the law and you are the victim, we know what it takes to set things right – and obtain justice.


Geonetta & Frucht represents business clients in a variety of legal matters. Our priority is helping our business clients avoid legal difficulty before it can even begin by reviewing your policies, practices, and overall operations. You’ll need an experienced business lawyer’s help with breaches of contract and other business-related legal disputes, and you’ll need sound legal advice regarding acquisitions, mergers, and other major transactions.

We will help you draft business contracts that are precise, legally enforceable, and that fully protect your interests. An experienced Oakland business attorney with Geonetta & Frucht, LLP, located at 825 Washington St #220 Oakland, California 94607, can examine your current business contracts and other documents, review your policies, practices, and procedures, address any business-related legal concerns or questions, and represent you and your business in court if necessary.


Intellectual property is often the most important property a business owns. An experienced intellectual property attorney with Geonetta & Frucht can help you with patent and trademark registrations, copyright protection, and more. If your intellectual property is stolen, copied, or used without authorization, Geonetta and Frucht may be able to help you recover damages. We’ll help you learn the key principles of intellectual property law and help you obtain complete legal protection. Before anyone takes advantage of your intellectual property, call Geonetta & Frucht.


If you are injured, and if another person’s negligence was the cause of that injury, arrange at once to consult with an experienced Oakland personal injury attorney at Geonetta & Frucht. We are steadfastly dedicated to taking every client’s case to its best possible conclusion. Whether you have been injured by negligence in a traffic accident, at work, or in some other scenario, we can help. Additionally, we work on behalf of families who have lost a loved one in a wrongful death. The victims of personal injury and the survivors of wrongful death are entitled under California law to complete compensation for all of their injury-related losses.


For many years in the state of California, Geonetta & Frucht has aggressively represented the victims of police misconduct, police brutality, and police civil rights violations. Contact us at once if you have sustained any loss or injury due to the action of a government agency or employee. When those who are sworn and dedicated to protecting you – employees of the government – are the same people violating your rights, Geonetta & Frucht will take immediate, aggressive, and effective legal action. If you are entitled to compensation, we’ll help you get it.


With more than half-a-century of combined legal experience, the attorneys at Geonetta & Frucht, LLP, concentrate primarily on employment law and employees’ rights. We counsel and represent clients in Oakland, San Francisco, San Jose, and throughout the state of California. Arrange at once to speak with an experienced Oakland employment rights lawyer at Geonetta & Frucht if you are a victim of:

  • hiring discrimination
  • ongoing employment discrimination
  • sexual harassment
  • a hostile workplace
  • wage-and-hour violations
  • civil rights violations
  • whistleblower retaliation
  • wrongful termination

We protect individuals, families, and organizations who have been injured or wronged by others. Together, both before and since our law firm was formed, Geonetta & Frucht’s attorneys have recovered more than $45 million in settlements and judgments for their clients. With our record of success and our decades of experience handling civil rights and discrimination claims, our work now extends beyond California – nationally and even internationally – but we still insist on offering every client personal service and treating every client with consideration and courtesy.

In fact, we get to know you personally, and we invest the time it takes to understand your legal needs and to craft the precise legal strategy that will meet those needs. We keep you involved and informed as your case moves through the legal process, and we do not consider any case “small” or “less important.” At Geonetta & Frucht, an experienced and trustworthy attorney will handle your case personally and meticulously until the best possible resolution is achieved.


  • Experience: The attorneys at Geonetta & Frucht share more than half-a-century of combined legal experience working for clients, families, and for justice. Let the legal team at Geonetta & Frucht put their experience and insights to work on your behalf.
  • Relentless, Aggressive Representation: The legal team at Geonetta & Frucht has built a reputation for legal excellence – and more. We never back down from the toughest legal challenges, so we’re known as diligent, aggressive, and tenacious advocates for our clients.
  • Superior Client Service: No one who is represented by Geonetta & Frucht is ever considered as “just another” client. Our lawyers personally handle each and every case from the first moment you contact us until the issue is finally and rightfully resolved.
  • A Record of Successful Client Recoveries: Our string of victories speaks for itself. The attorneys at Geonetta & Frucht have helped clients win millions in both trial judgments and out-of-court settlements.
  • Free First Appointment: Call Geonetta & Frucht or fill out the online contact form on this page to arrange a free, no-obligation meeting with an experienced Oakland attorney.


Arrange to speak about your own case and your legal concerns with an experienced Oakland attorney. Your first consultation with Geonetta & Frucht will cost you nothing. Contact us online, and we will get back to you promptly, or call us from anywhere in California at (510) 254-3777. Our office is located in Downtown Oakland near the Wiley W. Manuel Courthouse and the Oakland Museum of California, approximately 8 miles from Oakland International Airport (OAK). Get on I-880 N from the Oakland International Airport. Take exit 41B toward Broadway/Downtown and continue onto 6th Street. Turn right onto Washington Street, and you will arrive at our law office. If you need justice, don’t wait.