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Police Brutality

Posted on: January 19, 2015 by in Blog, Personal Injury
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Excessive force, sexual and verbal abuse, physical and sexual assault, and racial discrimination by law enforcement officers are civil rights violations that are against the law. To subdue and arrest a suspect, police officers may use necessary reasonable force, but the law puts commonsense limits on the use of force by the police. The vast majority of California police officers conduct themselves professionally, but in any police agency, the bad cops work shoulder-to-shoulder with the good ones. Unfortunately, police brutality and other civil rights violations sometimes still happen in California, even in San Francisco, and sometimes people get hurt. If you become a victim of police brutality in San Francisco or anywhere else in our state, you have the legal right to file a claim and seek compensation, but you’ll need to speak first with an experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney.

Both before and after you are charged with a crime, and even after a conviction, law enforcement officers are responsible for protecting your civil rights, so if you’re injured by police brutality, speak at once to a good personal injury lawyer. Experienced personal injury attorneys have seen police violence up close and on more than a few occasions; you can be certain that your attorney will listen to you and investigate your claim. If you are successful, you may receive compensation for any medical expenses you incurred and any wages you lost, and in the most serious cases, punitive damages may also be awarded.

Another good reason to file a claim is to protect others through deterring future incidents of police brutality. If you’ve been victimized by one or more officers in San Francisco or in any other jurisdiction, don’t wait another day to begin seeking justice. Call an experienced San Francisco personal injury attorney as quickly as possible.