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FAQs About Pregnancy Discrimination in San Francisco

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In California, if an employee is fired from her job because she is pregnant – or if a pregnant employee is harassed or discriminated against in any way – it’s a violation of the law. You cannot be fired, harassed, discriminated against, or retaliated against by an employer because of your pregnancy. If your employment rights have been or are being violated by an employer in the San Francisco Bay Area, get advice about your options and rights by speaking with an experienced San Francisco discrimination attorney. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions – and their answers – about pregnancy and employment rights in California.

Q: How are employees protected from pregnancy discrimination?

A: Employers may not discriminate against employees or job candidates on the basis of pregnancy, childbirth, or a related medical condition. Businesses also may not discriminate with respect to hiring, firing, compensation, benefits, promotions, training, or any other employment-related opportunities because an employee might be pregnant in the future. Additionally, California employers cannot make a pregnant employee take a leave of absence or a disability leave that she has not requested. Employers may be required to offer job-protected leave and reasonable workplace accommodations due to pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions.


Q: Can an employer treat a pregnant employee differently from other temporarily disabled employees?

A: The answer is absolutely not. Under both state and federal laws, employers must treat pregnant employees who are temporarily unable to perform their jobs at least as well as other temporarily disabled employees. For example, if a company offers paid leave to other workers with temporary disabilities, the company must also provide paid leave to employees who become pregnant.

Q: Does the law regarding pregnancy discrimination cover all California employers?

A: Pregnancy discrimination laws govern only employers with a particular number of employees. The federal Pregnancy Discrimination Act covers only employers with fifteen or more employees, and the California Fair Employment and Housing Act applies only to businesses with five or more employees, as well as all employment agencies, labor groups, licensing boards, and state and local government agencies.

California companies with five or more employees must provide job-protected disability leave for up to four months as well as reasonable accommodations for pregnancy, childbirth, and related medical conditions. However, the law in California bans any employer with even one employee from harassing an employee or a job applicant because of a pregnancy or a perceived pregnancy.

Q: Do pregnant employees have the right to a transfer or to reasonable accommodations?

A: Absolutely. In California, employers with five or more employees must make available reasonable accommodations for pregnancy, such as providing additional breaks, relief from heavy lifting, and flexible scheduling to accommodate medical appointments. Employers also must make accommodations for childbirth and lactation accommodations for mothers who are nursing.


California law in some cases entitles pregnant employees to transfer to a less stressful or dangerous position if the transfer can be reasonably accomplished. However, to accommodate the request for a transfer, employers are not required by law to create additional positions, lay off or terminate another employee, transfer another employee, or promote a pregnant employee to a job the employee is not qualified to do.

Q: Do pregnant employees in California have the right to a leave of absence?

A: Yes, when a California employer has five or more employees, pregnant employees are entitled to up to four months of unpaid, job-protected leave. Under federal law, pregnant employees have precisely the same rights to unpaid leave as employees who take leave for other temporary disabilities. While California requires (at least) unpaid leave, if an employer offers paid leave to other temporarily disabled employees, the same amount of paid leave must be made available to pregnant employees regardless of whether or not the pregnant employee is applying for government support, private support or education based aid.

Q: Does an employee have to take a pregnancy-related leave all at once?

A: The answer is no. A pregnancy-related leave may be taken before and/or after the delivery, in increments, or at any time that a pregnant employee is physically unable to work as certified by the employee’s healthcare provider. Employees who contribute to the California State Disability Insurance (SDI) program may receive partial wage replacement during a pregnancy disability leave.


Q: Can California employers make a pregnant employee take mandatory time off?

A: California employers with five or more employees cannot force a pregnant employee to take leave if she has not asked for leave. If an employee has been absent from work due to a pregnancy-related condition and returns to work, the employer cannot force the employee to stay on leave until after the delivery. An employer must allow a pregnant employee to work when she can do the job.

Q: How does the law handle the harassment of pregnant employees?

A: When workplace conduct – like harassment – creates an offensive or hostile environment or interferes with an employee’s performance, it’s illegal. It is also illegal to harass someone because she is perceived to be pregnant but isn’t. Employers are legally responsible for harassment by supervisory personnel even if the employer does not directly know about the harassment. An employer in California is also responsible for harassment by a co-worker or a third party (like a contractor or client) if the employer knew or should have known about the harassment and failed to end it immediately.

Q: What pregnancy and childbirth costs are California employers required to cover?

A: Under state law in California, a pregnant employee must be offered the same privileges and benefits provided to other workers with temporary disabilities. Group health insurance policies must provide maternity coverage to employees. Additionally, California employers must continue to provide health insurance benefits to female employees who qualify for pregnancy leave.


Q: What should employees who have suffered pregnancy discrimination do?

If a California employer has discriminated against you or harassed you due to your pregnancy, you can file a complaint with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission within 300 days after the first act of discrimination or harassment, or you can file a complaint with the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing within a year after the first act of discrimination. In the Bay Area, you can also speak with a San Francisco employment rights attorney regarding the possibility of a discrimination lawsuit. California law gives employees more rights than any other state in the nation. In this state, if an employer violates your rights, the law is on your side.

Museums in San Francisco

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San Francisco is home to a variety of museums that are available to the public. Museums that include cultural, scientific, historical, or artistic exhibits can be found throughout the city. Here are a few of the museums in San Francisco that everyone should visit.

Alcatraz Island

Once a high-security prison, Alcatraz Island is now run by the National Park Service. In 1986, Alcatraz was named a National Historic Landmark. The Alcatraz Federal Penitentiary ran from 1934 to 1963. Now, visitors can take a ferry to the island for a guided tour of Alcatraz. Landmarks include the Dining Hall, Library, Parade Grounds, Recreation Yard, Lighthouse, Main Cellhouse, Water Tower, New Industries Building, Model Industries Building, and what’s left of the ruins of the Warden’s House and Officer’s Club. History buffs will enjoy visiting this piece of the American past.


The Exploratorium is a hands-on science learning museum. Adults and kids will both enjoy exploring this museum together. This public learning laboratory allows its visitors to explore the world through art, science, and perception. Since the museum began in 1969, over 1,000 interactive exhibits have been added. There are typically 600 exhibits on the floor at a time. Explore exhibits and activities such as making a conductivity meter, leaning about frozen frogs and their contribution to the future of preserving organs, and speeding up geological time with a sedimentary squeeze box. You’ll never run out of things to explore in this museum.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

Located in downtown San Francisco this nonprofit organization is home to an internationally recognized collection of contemporary art. It was the first museum on the West Coast to feature only 20th-century artwork. Currently, the museum displays over 33,000 art pieces of sculptures, paintings, photography, architecture, media arts, and design. The museum is one of the largest museums in the United States after their expansion and reopening in 2016. If you appreciate modern art then you can’t afford to pass up a visit to the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.

Walt Disney Family Museum

Here’s another great museum to enjoy with your children. Established in 2009, the museum was made in honor of Walt Disney’s life and lasting legacy. The museum is owned and operated by the Walt Disney Family Foundation, a nonprofit established by the heirs of Walt Disney. The museum displays artifacts that bring Walt Disney’s journey to life. You’ll find interactive galleries with early artwork and animations. The awards won by Disney throughout his life are exhibited in the lobby. There’s a digital theater inspired by Fantasia that screens Disney classics every day. Anyone that has grown up with Disney classics will enjoy this museum.

San Francisco Cable Car Museum

The Cable Car Museum located in the city of San Francisco is a free museum open to the public. You’ll find informative and historical exhibits on the San Francisco cable car system. Examples of old cable cars, along with smaller exhibits and a gift shop, are displayed at the museum. You’ll find the Sutter Street Railway grip car and trailer as well as the Clay Street Hill Railroad grip car. Grip car 8 from the Clay Street Hill Railroad is the only cable car that remains from the first cable car company. Take an entertaining walk through the past with the Cable Car Museum.

The Top Employers in Oakland

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Oakland is a great place to work and is home to some top corporations. Here are some of the top employers in Oakland, CA.

Kaiser Permanente/Kaiser Foundation

This company is the largest employer of Oakland residents. They employ over 11,000 people within the city and nearly 200,000 people in total with their other locations. The company was founded in 1945. Their headquarters are located in Oakland. The company is committed to providing quality healthcare. Kaiser Permanente is dedicated to creating a great work environment for their employees. The company is also committed to the world’s environment and has stewardship goals set for 2025 to improve the health of people through a healthy environment.

Southwest Airlines

With its headquarters in Dallas, Southwest Airlines is a major employer in the Oakland community. As of 2016, the company employed more than 53,000 employees companywide with over 2,600 in Oakland. The company was founded in 1966 and adopted the Southwest Airlines name in 1971 after previously being known as Air Southwest Company. Southwest Airlines would eventually make the Oakland International Airport one of its focus cities. As such, the airline is one of the top employers in Oakland. Southwest offers great perks and benefits to their employees, including free travel privileges, Profit-sharing, and a competitive 401k.

UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland

The UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital Oakland has been providing exceptional care for children across the state of California for almost 100 years. They employ nearly 2,400 Oakland workers. The hospital prides itself in having the best team of highly trained and certified pediatric specialists, technicians, nurses, and therapists in the field. The company cares about its employees and it boasts a 99% retention rate for its nurses. The hospital regularly receives a large amount of job applicants. They look for talented workers that share the company’s passion of caring for children to join their team of approximately 2,400 Oakland employees.

Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Summit Campus

Another major employer of Oakland citizens is the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center. Alta Bates Summit Medical Center offers services that are made to meet the healthcare needs of the East Bay Area community. The company is on a mission to serve the wellbeing of people with compassion and excellence. The accredited center offers education, support, and multiple clinical and community services. Those that are interested in working for Alta Bates Summit Medical Center will be joining a team of other compassionate caregivers. The company employs nearly 2,200 Oakland residents.


Even though UPS is not headquartered in the state of California, like the rest of the companies on this list, it’s still a major player when it comes to Oakland employment. With headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, UPS employs about 2,200 Oakland workers. The company has been around for a century and values its workers. In the Oakland area and other locations, the company offers competitive benefits, women’s leadership and development opportunities, and veterans outreach. The company understands that logistics is not just supply chains and infrastructure. It’s a diverse team of passionate people that strive to do their best for their company. This outlook has led to UPS being a top employer of the Oakland area.

The Best Restaurants in Oakland

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If you’re looking for a great place to eat in Oakland, CA, then you won’t be disappointed. From the best in fine dining to fun, casual atmospheres, the city has a variety of delicious eateries for everyone to enjoy. Here are some of best restaurants that the city has to offer.

The Best in Casual Dining

Looking for a great casual dining experience? Try AlaMar Kitchen & Bar for some of the best comfort food in the Bay Area. You’ll find boiled crawfish, snow crab, shrimp, mussels, or clams by the pound. The menu also has wings, Cajun tater tots, oysters on the half shell, and crab slider melts. With happy hour specials and live music, you’re going to love this seasonally inspired restaurant.

The Grand Tavern is another excellent casual dining choice in the city of Oakland. It’s a friendly neighborhood restaurant with a full bar that features unique cocktails and nightly specials. Stop in to try their delicious burgers and fish and chips.

The Best Fine Dining Restaurants

If you’re looking for the perfect place for upscale dining then look no further than Commis, a two Michelin star restaurant where chefs meticulously prepare each gourmet dish. You’ll find remarkable cuisine such as poached halibut with fava beans and ramps, Jerusalem artichokes with sunflower and trout roe, and desserts such as chocolate truffles to finish the meal. You’ll find it hard to choose from their extensive wine list. It can be hard to get in, so be sure to call in a reservation ahead of time.

Another notable fine dining establishment in Oakland is the Wood Tavern. A favorite eatery in the city, the restaurant prides itself on its bold flavors and welcoming vibe. Wood Tavern is a contemporary restaurant serving an American brasserie experience. With a focus on sustainable and local ingredients, you’ll find dishes from duck confit to fresh fettuccine pasta.

The Best Ethnic Dining Spots

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to try some of the Bay Area’s best ethnic food, then check out Kamdesh’s Afghan cuisine. Try tasty kababs marinated in saffron, Afghan naan, and flatbreads. The menu also caters to vegetarians and vegans.

For a unique flavor experience try Enssaro’s classic Ethiopian cuisine. Many of their ingredients and spices are imported directly from the town of Enssaro in Ethiopia for an authentic taste. The restaurant offers traditional decor and ancient recipes to bring the taste of Ethiopia to its diners. Be sure to try the injera, an infamous crepe-like sourdough flatbread made from teff flour.

The Best Restaurant for Dietary Restrictions

For those with dietary restrictions, you’ll find plenty of restaurants in Oakland that cater to your tastes. Vegetarians, vegans, and those with gluten allergies will find that tofu isn’t their only option at Souley Vegan. The restaurant offers flavorful entrees, burgers, and sandwiches that even meat-eaters will enjoy. From okra gumbo to creole style spaghetti, there are plenty of options here to make sure that dietary restrictions won’t stop you from tasting the best that the Bay Area has to offer.

Whether you’re visiting Oakland for the first time and wanting to experience the best food around, or if you’re a local looking to try something new, then you’re going to find a restaurant that suits your tastes from this list.

Colleges and Universities in San Francisco

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San Francisco, CA, hosts a wealth of colleges and universities. You’ll find multiple public and private secondary education centers within the city. Here are a few of the colleges and universities in the area.

City College of San Francisco

Referred to as City College or CCSF, this public community college is based in San Francisco. Their motto is “The Truth Shall Make You Free.” CCSF is a two year school and is the only San Francisco community college. It has more than 100 occupational disciplines and over 50 academic programs. Students can earn an associate degree in a variety of courses. These credits can be transferred to meet the requirements of a four-year school. The Student Activities Office provides students with over 80 clubs and organizations.

San Francisco State University

A public university located in San Francisco, this school is often called SF State, San Francisco State, or SFSU. It’s a public research university and part of the California State University system. SFSU offers an impressive selection of 118 Bachelor’s degrees, 94 Master’s, and 5 Doctoral degrees for its students. The school offers plenty of sports and activities. The intercollegiate athletics teams are nicknamed the Gators and include, but are not limited to, basketball, wrestling, cross country, volleyball, and track.

University of California, San Francisco

Often mixed up with the San Francisco State University or the University of San Francisco, this university is its own public research university. Often called the UCSF, this school is part of the University of California system. The school focuses solely on health sciences. It’s a major center of biological and medical research and is considered one of the top universities in the biomedical field. It was recently named one of the top two physician training institutions in the US. Students will find nearly 200 registered organizations on campus to participate in outside of their studies. The student newspaper is called Synapse and it can be read digitally and in print.

DeVry University

DeVry University is a for-profit, public school located in San Francisco. This Higher Learning Commission accredited school is a division of DeVry Education Group. It was founded in 1931. DeVry interestingly partnered with the Olympics in 2011 to be named the official education provider of the US Olympic teams. The school has multiple locations, continued enrollment, and Olympic athletes enrolled in their programs despite criticism following alleged deceptive advertising and recruiting practices.

San Francisco Law School

San Francisco Law School is another private school in San Francisco, but unlike DeVry, it’s a non-profit school. The parent school of San Francisco Law School is Alliant International University. This law school provides its students with a three-year full-time program or a four-year part-time program that result in a Juris Doctor degree. San Francisco Law School is proud of their many alumni that were some of the first women to be appointed to the bench in the State of California. As of July 2012, the California Bar rate of passage for first-time test takers at San Francisco Law school was an impressive 67%.

The Best Brunch Spots in Oakland

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If you’ve never enjoyed a leisurely brunch in Oakland, California, then you may be overwhelmed with all of the restaurants to choose from. Here are 5 of the best brunch spots in Oakland to get you started.

Grand Lake Kitchen

Brunch lovers would be missing out if they didn’t try the Grand Lake Kitchen at least once in their lives. It’s a brunch hotspot in Oakland thanks to its Savory French toast. Add prosciutto for the most unique and flavorful brunch dish you’ve ever tried. Grand Lake Kitchen’s rising popularity means that you’ll sometimes see a line on the sidewalk that resembles a street party. Of course, the experience is half the fun.


For a fresh take on brunch, try Hopscotch for its Asian fusion cuisine. It’s hard to choose from all of the deliciously uncommon offerings on the menu. You’ll want to try something new each time you visit. Donuts and butterscotch cream, kimchi rice and shoyu eggs, and braised pork belly benedict are just a few of your options at this upscale diner in Uptown Oakland.


Portal was named the best restaurant and open air beer garden in Oakland, California. Everything is made with fresh ingredients and you’ll find some of the best brews around on their beer menu. Many people go to Portal for the beer and cocktails with dinner, but the weekday brunch menu draws its own loyal crowd. Try the chilaquiles with eggs, tortilla chips, tomato salsa, salsa fresca, queso fresco, guacamole, and sour cream. You’ll find classic salads, burgers, sandwiches, and more on the brunch menu. Top off your brunch with one of Portal’s refreshing mimosas.

Chop Bar

The Chop Bar is a neighborhood favorite brunch spot in Oakland. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, and of course, their famous weekend brunch. Guests will feel welcome in the eco-friendly atmosphere that was designed using recycled and reclaimed materials. The restaurant promotes the community by featuring local art as decor. You won’t just enjoy the atmosphere. You’re going to love the food! With plenty of egg dishes to choose from, pork banh mi, housemade trout gravlax, granola with yogurt, salads, and sandwiches, you’ll find something on the menu for everyone. Make the Chop Bar, a restaurant that’s known for giving back to the local community, one of your next brunch stops.

Aunt Mary’s Cafe

Aunt Mary’s Cafe is Southern comfort food at its finest. The name of the restaurant is a tribute to the owner’s aunt, a great Southern cook and remarkable woman. The restaurant strives to bring creative revisions of American comfort food that utilize fresh, local ingredients and sustainable sources. The menu emphasizes Southern, Southwestern, and Texas cuisine. Something new is always being added to the menu so you’ll always have a fresh option to try for a weekend brunch. Southern bubble and squeak, buttermilk biscuits and cream sage gravy, huevos benedictos, and pecan ricotta pancakes are just a few of the mouthwatering dishes at Aunt Mary’s Cafe.

Now you know some of the best brunch spots to check out in Oakland. Once you decide where to go, then it’s up to you to figure out what you’ll order. You’re going to have to go back more than once to these brunch spots. There are just too many exciting options on the menus.

Professional Sports in San Francisco

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San Francisco, California, is home to many notorious sports teams. There’s a team for every sports enthusiast in this city. Here are four of the notable professional sports teams in San Francisco.

San Francisco 49ers

Arguably the most recognized professional sports team in San Francisco, the San Francisco 49ers are part of the National Football League, or NFL. They are a part of the league’s National Football Conference West division. The team has been headquartered in Santa Clara, California, since 1988 where they play their home games in the Santa Clara based Levi’s Stadium. The 49ers sport quite the record when it comes to championships and titles. They have five Super Bowl championships, six conference championships, and have been division champions 19 times. It comes to no surprise that the 49ers have gathered a loyal fan base and following since the team is considered one of the most successful in the entire history of the NFL.

San Francisco Giants

The San Francisco Giants are the city’s very own professional baseball team. Previously known as the New York Gothams, the team started out on the other side of the country in 1883. Like many professional sports teams, they would undergo a name change. They would become the San Francisco Giants after moving to the state in 1958. They compete as a part of the Major League Baseball’s National League West division. The team has a notable history with 23 NL pennants and eight World Series Championships. They have played in the World Series an impressive 20 times.

San Francisco Deltas

The San Francisco Deltas are a professional soccer team with their home base in San Francisco, California. The team was founded recently in 2016 and had its 2017 debut in the North American Soccer League. Home games are always played in the Kezar Stadium at the Golden Gate Park. The freshly started Deltas have an interesting group of supporters and financial backers. They are led by CEO Brian Andres Helmick, an entrepreneur from Colombia. A group of investors from Silicon Valley technology companies, investors from Brazil, and venture capitalists have all funded the new team. The triangle used for the Delta’s logo is said to be representative of a symbol for change. The color of the jerseys were determined after a vote by season ticket holders. Home jerseys are red and black while away jerseys are predominately white.

Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are in the San Francisco Bay area. Technically based in Oakland with their home games in the Oracle Arena, this professional basketball team is set to move to a new arena in San Francisco. The team is part of the National Basketball Association, or NBA, and a member of the Western Conference Pacific Division. The Warriors have a record of reaching the NBA finals nine times and winning five NBA Championships. The Warriors were originally founded in 1946 as the Philadelphia Warriors. They moved to San Francisco in 1962 after the franchise was relocated to the San Francisco Bay area. To represent the entire state of California the team changed their name to the Golden State Warriors in 1971. Now, the team is set to move back to San Francisco from Oakland.

The Best Restaurants in San Francisco

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There are so many incredible restaurants in the San Francisco area that you’re bound to find something to suit anyone’s taste. Even the pickiest of eaters are going to find a restaurant they’ll love here. The options can be overwhelming, though. Next time you’re in San Francisco here are some of the best restaurants that you need to try.

Gary Danko

With over 3,000 5-star reviews on Yelp, this restaurant is a San Francisco favorite. The award-winning French cuisine at Gary Danko’s will have you coming back time and time again to try the next item on the menu. Dine in for an old-world fine dining experience complete with a theatrical and intimate ambiance. The food served at Gary Danko’s is fresh, locally sourced, and draws on seasonal inspiration. This upscale restaurant offers an array of menu items including caviar, lobster, loin of lamb, duck breast, and artisanal cheeses. Be sure to choose something from their impressive wine list to complete your meal.

Golden Boy Pizza

If you’re looking for a “hole-in-the-wall” pizza joint where you can get some seriously good eats, then try Golden Boy Pizza. They’re open late so you can stop in after last call at the bar for some cheesy goodness. Order by the slice or by the sheet for dine in or take away. It’s a simple restaurant with great pizza. Carnivores and vegetarians alike can eat at Golden Boy. Vegetarians will love the pesto/vegetarian pizza.

Betty Lou’s Seafood & Grill

For a casual family dining experience with a friendly atmosphere look no further than Betty Lou’s. This place is a local favorite. The menu is loaded with fresh seafood options like oyster shooters and clams, prawn and shrimp cocktails, crab cakes, lobster ravioli, and seafood risotto. Don’t forget the grill side, though! You’ll want to try the Creekstone bone-in ribeye steak or Mary’s chicken parmesan. Vegetarians are welcome, too, and will find meatless options on the menu.

Kokkari Estiatorio

You can’t go wrong with the food, the wine, and the service at Kokkari Estiatorio. This Greek restaurant caters to all diners, including those with gluten allergies and vegans. The cuisine consists of modernized Greek dishes as well as classic favorites such as sweet baby lamb and homemade yogurt. Olive oil is the foundation of almost every dish at Kokkari. Once you enter the restaurant you’ll notice the fresh scent of oregano and other aromatics. The aroma alone is enough to make your mouth water.

Turtle Tower

This Vietnamese restaurant in the city of San Francisco is tucked away in a busy alley corner in the Tenderloin. Keep an eye out because this is a restaurant you won’t want to walk past. The owner insists on buying everything fresh. The produce comes from farmers’ markets just down the street and the noodles are made fresh each day. Turtle Tower is known for its range of flavors in the broth. Try the stir-fried beef noodle soup for a deep, smoky flavor. The pho ga is a chicken noodle soup that’s simple, light, and tasty. The pho might be the star of the show, but there’s more to try on the menu at Turtle Tower. The Vietnamese sandwiches, rice plates, and vermicelli noodle dishes are all carefully prepared gourmet dishes that are worth the trip to the Tenderloin.

Professional Sports in Oakland

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Oakland, California, is well-known for its professional sports teams. The Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, also known as the Oakland Coliseum, is the only stadium left in the United States that is shared by both professional baseball and football teams. Just next door you’ll find the Oracle Arena, an indoor arena where basketball and ice hockey are played. Here are three professional sports teams that call Oakland home.

The Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors are Oakland’s pro basketball team. Fans will recognize the royal blue and golden yellow team colors. The Warriors play their home games in the Oracle Arena. The Warriors are part of the National Basketball Association (NBA). The team started off with the Philadelphia Warriors name in 1946. In 1962, they relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area and were renamed the San Francisco Warriors. As of 1971, the team settled on the name the Golden State Warriors. The Warriors boast a notable record with three players earning MVP awards, 18 people that were in the Hall of Fame, four of which were coaches, the NBA records for the best postseason, the best regular season, and the most wins in their season.

The Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders are a professional NFL football team with their home base in Oakland, California. Their headquarters are in Alameda, California, and they play in the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. The team was founded in 1960 as a member of the American Football League. Today, the Raiders have an impressive fan base, referred to as The Raider Nation. You’ll find devoted Raiders fans dressed in costume with the silver and black color theme on game day. Since 1963, the team has won an impressive amount of titles and championships. They have 15 division titles, four AFC Championships, an AFL Championship, three Super Bowl Championships, and 14 former players in the Pro Football Hall of Fame. The Raiders officially filed with the NFL to relocate the team from Oakland to Las Vegas by the 2020 season.

The Oakland Athletics

The Oakland Athletics, otherwise known as the Oakland A’s, are Oakland’s own professional baseball team. Their team colors are green, gold, and white. The A’s compete in Major League Baseball (MLB). They’re a member club of the American League West division. Home games are played in the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum. Like the Golden State Warriors, the Athletics have their roots in Philadelphia. They began as the Philadelphia Athletics in 1901, later becoming the Kansas City Athletics before making the move to Oakland in 1968. Under the team’s current and previous names, it has nine major league World Series titles, 15 AL Pennants, 16 West Division titles, and 43 players listed in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The sports enthusiast is sure to find a professional team they can get behind in Oakland, California. If you’re in the area join the crowd out and get in on the energy of a live game in either the Oakland Coliseum or the Oracle Arena. Cheer on your favorite team in Sunny California!

Family Fun in Oakland

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It’s not hard to find a family fun in Oakland, California. Here are 5 of the top places to bring the kids next time you’re looking for something to do in the city of Oakland.

Oakland Zoo

The 100-acre Oakland Zoo is home to a nationally known elephant exhibit, where the elephants are able to roam free. There are plenty of family activities to participate in. Live animal encounters, animal feedings, tours, and “zoovie” nights with the animals are just the beginning of the activities you’ll find at the zoo. The Wild & Green Family Camp allows adults to join their kids for summer camp for a week of crafts, science activities, nature walks, and more. Stop in for Teddy Bear Tea, a children’s activity that teaches about animals with snacks, lemonade, and tea. Kids get to make a treat for the sun bears and their neighbors. You’ll easily find something that everyone in your family will love at the Oakland Zoo.

Museum of Children’s Arts

The Museum of Children’s Arts is a place of interactive spaces where families can create, share, and connect through art. A drop-in open studio is available for people of all ages to create. Artists can explore whatever captures their interest and a MOCHA artist will always be available to help and provide instruction. MOCHA offers a summer camp, summer teen art programs, field trips, and art parties. Bring out your creative side and connect with your family on a day trip to the Museum of Children’s Arts.

Children’s Fairyland

What better place to take your kids than a storybook brought to life? Children’s Fairyland is Oakland’s very own storybook theme park. Stories from your childhood come to life in the breathtaking storybook sets of Children’s Fairyland. Jack & Jill Hill, Peter Rabbit’s Garden, and the Alice in Wonderland Tunnel are just a few of the beloved attractions at the park. Young children will find fun and laughter with trolley rides, a mini Ferris wheel, and carousel. Remember the magic of fairytales and being a kid again with this unique theme park.

Frog Park

Frog Park has transformed from a vacant lot into a local treasure. As one of Oakland’s most popular parks, Frog Park is the perfect destination for a relaxing family day. The park is located on the greenbelt, an area along a portion of the Temescal Creek bed. It contains redwood groves, butterfly gardens, and active play areas where children can have fun. Frog Park got its start when a group of neighborhood parents decided it was time to find a space for a children’s park in Rockridge. Now, families from all around the area come to spend memorable days at the children’s park. You’ll often see families picnicking or celebrating a birthday at the park together.

Redwood Regional Park

California is known for its beautiful national parks and Oakland is no different. The scenic redwood park is located just a few miles from downtown Oakland. Kids and adults will both enjoy hiking in the stunning redwood forest. Throughout the year you can attend various special events, concerts, and youth programs. Nature lovers visiting or living in Oakland, California, won’t want to miss the beauty that Redwood Regional Park has to offer.

From casual nature parks to whimsical storybooks brought to life, you’re going to find something for the whole family to enjoy in Oakland.